Share Transfer Information

Share Transfer Information

All transfer requests are processed within an average period of 21 days from the date of receipt of shares for transfer. If you don’t receive any response from us within 30 days of lodging the request for transfer, communicate with us by sending a mail to

Physical Shares

  • Buy or sell only through recognised share brokers registered with Stock Exchanges. Ensure that the broker’s stamp along with the SEBI registration no. is affixed on the reverse of the transfer deed.
  • Fill in all the columns in the transfer deed. Sign the transfer deed at appropriate places. Affix share transfer stamps @ 0.25% of market value of shares on the date of transfer.
  • If the transferor has signed through a constituted attorney, ensure that the registration number of the Power of Attorney is mentioned on the reverse of the transfer deed.
  • If your transfer deed is signed by your Constituted Attorney, attach the necessary Power of Attorney duly notarised and obtain a registration number from the company. In case, you have already registered the Power of Attorney with the Company in respect of a previous transfer, mention the registration number of such power of attorney in the forwarding letter.
  • If you are an existing shareholder, ensure that your signature appearing on the transfer deed is as per the specimen signature recorded with us. Any change in your specimen signature should be intimated to us immediately with your revised signature duly attested by your banker.
  • Provide us the name of your bank, branch and account number to enable us to incorporate the same in your dividend warrants. This will protect your interest against any fraudulent interception and encashment of your dividend warrants.
  • Ensure that you give your correct address with pin code on the transfer deed. Please give telephone no. / fax no. in the covering letter.
  • It is advisable to transfer the shares in joint names in order to avoid problems in the unfortunate event of death of the registered shareholder.
  • Keep photo copies of share certificates, transfer deeds, covering letter, postal registration receipt when you send the shares for transfer.
  • With effect from 20-05-09, Any transfer of shares in physical form, should be accompanied along with copy of the Pan Card of the transferee(s). In case there are joint holders as transferee(s), copy of the Pan Card should be made available for all the joint holders along with the Transfer Deed.

Transfer through Demat Mode

When you buy shares in the depository mode through a recognised sharebroker, all you need is to provide details of your demat account to your broker. The shares bought will be directly credited to your Demat Account.